tobetold stands for visual story telling. those stories can be editorial about something that needs to be told. those stories can be about your loved ones. but those stories are never fake. there is always something to tell.


editorial stories

Always looking for this story that just needs to be told. I capture not just the story, but especially the mood that sucks you in deep and haunts you (in a good way).

Storytelling for magazines, brands and social media.

family stories

The story of a family is the most precious story in our lives. But it is the real moments with kids. That is why I tell your story when we go on a little adventure.

Storytelling for family moments, maternity and newborns.

love stories

It all starts with two, but who takes the picture to remember? Not the cheesy ones, the real ones. That is why I offer candid photography to document your unique love.

Storytelling for unique love stories and weddings.